Srixon Z-Star XV (2019) Golf Ball

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This is a top-quality golf ball which we know will give you the best results possible from tee to green for those lower scores you’ve been looking for.

The Z-Star XV features a softer compression than the regular Z-Star giving you even more feel around the greens than ever before. It also features a 4-piece design with a smaller inner core and larger outer core for optimum performance off the tee.

Key features and benefits:

  • FastLayer core for more distance and optimal launch
  • 338-speed dimple pattern for less drag and more in-air stability
  • Spin Skin technology updated for more spin on wedge and short iron shots
  • Soft compression for improved feel

This is one of the premium balls on the market - make sure you come down to the shop and get yours now before you miss out.

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